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Address: 311 Keene Street, Columbia, Missouri 65201
Phone: (573) 442-1788

Partners, Alan Hillard, MD, Neal Meyer, MD, Mark Monroe, MD and Lance Faler are proud to sponsor the Tiger Quarterback Club.  The radiologists enjoy a variety of sports activities and are dedicated to providing immediate diagnostic results to physicians enabling them to treat individuals so they return quickly to a healthy lifestyle.

Since opening the facility in 2003 Advanced Radiology was the primary diagnostic facility for many high school and college athletic teams in Missouri. Advanced Radiology radiologists and staff were on call scheduling emergency MRI’s, X-rays and CT’s on players at the request of team physicians and trainers. Calls from team physicians came to us as they were deplaning returning from away games. Immediate response was necessary on Saturdays and Sundays to determine if players could return to practice.

Advanced Radiology understands the fear and concern players feel as they come into the facility for a diagnostic scan. They are often wondering if their athletic career is over or will be put on hold for weeks or months. That’s why we respond to the athletes, their families and their physicians by providing immediate results. As images are processed and the radiologists interpret them we all feel the burden and are anxious for the results. When there is no serious pathology the relief is infectious. We all breathe a sigh of relief, the physicians and trainers relax, the coaches are ready to put the player back on the field and it is pure joy for the athlete.

The radiologists opened the diagnostic facility in 2003 with the goal to build an outpatient diagnostic facility that was more than high tech machinery. Physicians need the information from diagnostic procedures immediately to treat their patients effectively and efficiently. It was the radiologists dedication to patient care that formed the goal of turning around reports for physicians the same day an exam was performed.

It is this efficient and thorough approach that allowed Advanced Radiology to expand their business from five diagnostic exams, MRI, CT, Ultrasound, X-ray and Fluoroscopy to twelve diagnostic exams and eight procedures. The depth of expertise within the group includes neuroradiology, musculoskeletal radiology, general as well as cross-sectional and interventional radiology. Special interests encompass a number of interventional procedures including vertebroplasty, myelography, neuroforminal injections, sonohysterograms, and CT biopsies. With the introduction of our 128 slice CT scanner, the most advanced CT technology in the USA, Advanced Radiology expanded their diagnostics to include Cardiac CTA/Calcium Score and the expertise of two level II Cardiac Radiologists.

We proudly complete diagnostics on college athletes, high school athletes, and a number of famous athletes. The radiologist’s expertise in musculoskeletal radiology is respected by orthopedic medicine throughout Missouri.

Once again, Advanced Radiology is proud to sponsor the Tiger Quarterback Club.