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Address: 2900 Trimble Rd #107, Columbia, MO 65201
Phone: (573) 818-3067

t could be our cool blue walls and big screen TVs… Or maybe it’s the free wifi and the coffee bar… Or the fact that you don’t need an appointment and we never keep you waiting…. Guys just know there’s something different about Epoch Health. You’ll feel it the moment you walk through the door. It’s like someone designed a health clinic just for you. And we did. Epoch (pronounced ‘Epic”) Health, is Columbia’s only comprehensive health clinic dedicated entirely to men and men’s health care.

A lot of the health problems men experience in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s start much earlier – and are entirely preventable. That’s where we come in. At Epoch Health, our mission is to help men live longer, healthier, happier lives. We do this by focusing on all aspects of men’s health – screening, monitoring, lifestyle modifications, proper nutrition and exercise, appropriate treatments, or referrals to specialists if needed.

Every Epoch Health patient receives our free 100% Men’s Health Screening on his first visit. This screening is an important part of an overall wellness plan and is an integral part of our mission to keep men healthy. We screen for prostate levels, vitamin deficiencies, liver and kidney function, hormone levels, cholesterol, and more. We’ll also do a full wellness exam – all at no cost to you. That’s how committed we are to improving the health and well-being of every guy who walks through our door.

Look, out there is a marketplace filled with trendy and often medically unsupervised, testosterone “shot boxes.” But in here, Epoch Health provides real, comprehensive health care. At Epoch Health, we’ve got real doctors, treating real guys, in a really cool, state-of-the-art facility designed with guys like you in mind. There’s never been anything like it. Until now.

We are Epoch Health. Men’s healthcare. Evolved.